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Rosh Hashana Dinner Menu 5778

New Year

New Menu

Festive Menu

Honey & Sweetness

Wishing you all an exceptional and successful year of 5778!

Sultana Raisin Challah

served with a choice of black-eyed pea hummus and sweet onion bourbon jam

Cubed apple on Bamboo Sticks served over ginger infused honey

I simmered honey with a big piece of ginger, and it took on the flavor beautifully.

4" Bamboo Picks 50 pcs.-

Rosewater Manhattan Cocktail

Buy rosewater on amazon>>

Pomegranate and mango salad with creamy honey mustard dressing

served with salmon + leek en croute

Don't forget the head of the fish

Salad: see recipe card > > >

Matzoh Ball and Herb Stuffed Mushroom

Instead of the panko, I will use Matzoh Ball mix, I like this one>

Miso Honey Glazed Carrots

Fruity Minute Roast with Cinnamon and Nutmeg

Roasted Pumpkin with beets and turnips

Beautiful medley!

Flaky Honey Twist served with fresh fruit

How how beautiful is this Rosh Hashana table?

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