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Rosh Hashana Dinner Menu 5778

New Year

New Menu

Festive Menu

Honey & Sweetness

Wishing you all an exceptional and successful year of 5778!

Sultana Raisin Challah

Cubed apple on Bamboo Sticks served over ginger infused honey

I simmered honey with a big piece of ginger, and it took on the flavor beautifully.

4" Bamboo Picks 50 pcs.-

Buy rosewater on amazon>>

Pomegranate and mango salad with creamy honey mustard dressing

Don't forget the head of the fish

Salad: see recipe card > > >

Instead of the panko, I will use Matzoh Ball mix, I like this one>

Beautiful medley!

How how beautiful is this Rosh Hashana table?


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