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Upsherin- 3rd Birthday Party 2/24/2019

We celebrated our Leibel's Upsherin, his third birthday and ceremonial hair cutting. The party was magnificent, it all came together so nicely.

This post has all the details down, good for any event or party.

Good luck! -Mushky


Navy rectangle tablecloths-

Washes beautifully, doesn't crease.


Baseball card holder (or table #, menu holder or photo holder)

Brown paper bags- printed on (tape to printer paper) and folded down-

Giant bags of peanuts to fill

Sweet + salty popcorn to fill

Eucalyptus on tables


Lightbox sign -

Big blue chair

Stained bookshelf- on it

Alef Bet Blocks-

3 photo frames+ pictures

Scissors for haircutting -

Baseballs, bat and glove

Children's books, chitas


Mason jar of little trains

Wooden coffee table with giant wrapped pushka (local dollar store), pennies and yarmulkas


Water and milk jugs sitting in ice-

Beverage tub with ice

Tub for glass cokes, glass seltzers and the water jugs

Apple juice in drink dispenser

Cold Brew Coffee

White Russian:

Cold brew



Almond milk



White wine


Baseball Cups -

Extra white cups-

Red and White Striped Straws-

Baseball Plates-

Extra white plates-

100 Wood Compostable Forks-

Baseball Napkins-

Chalkboard sign for food names -


Mini Pancake skewers + fruit + maple syrup

100 Wood Paddle Skewers

1: Ziti pasta noodles, mixed with sour cream, oil and salt (served cold)

3: Quinoa salad with cilantro dressing - spinach , cherry tomato, cooked quinoa, almonds

Mini sliders on wooden paddle

1: Sauce and cheese

2: spinach + basil pesto with cheese

3: (vegan) tomato, arugula, shiitake bacon (YUM)


Free standing muffin cups -

A version of shakshuka and frittata

Waffle Bar:

I had someone man it, and made fresh waffles as needed. The smell it added to the space was fabulous.

Wide popsicle sticks + stamped:

Alphabet Stamps -

Popsicle sticks -

Chocolate sauce dip (melted chocolate chips with richs whip) and sprinkles


Homemade chocolate chip cookies

Cinnamon espresso cookie thins

Birthday cake

Double Chocolate shots and wooden spoons

Mini wooden spoons-

Alphabet Stamps -


Giant connect 4 game


Tick tac toe

All design by: Aryeh Perlstein

Photo and Video by: Jonathan Stein Films


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