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Chanukah MaMenu Stack

SO many fun things to choose from this Chanukah.

For your foodie friend

For your family

For your party

For yourself!

Ready? There's a lot going on here. Good luck.

Innovative, New Kosher Products on the Market


Truffle Soy Sauce $13.08

Sabatino White Truffle Oil $11.79

Black Truffle Oil $11.95

Truffle + Salt $14.79

Truffle Zest Season $10.99

<<Flour Alternatives>>

Pereg Banana Flour $9.50

<<Beef Bars!!>>

Glatt Kosher Beef Bars $16.99


Chocolate Flavored Whipped Honey $13.98

Winter White Honey $17.56

one of the rarest honeys in the world - Harvested only a few days each year.

Whipped Honey Gift Set $29.99

Party Planning

<<The Goods>>

Rose Gold Plastic Cups $18.95

100 square palm leaf dessert plates- perfect for donuts! $29.99

<<DIY Tea Station? Hello Winter>> @Rochel

100 empty tea bags- DIY teas- $5.49

Davids Tea - Cream of Earl Grey loose tea to fill the above tea bags $7.98

Davids Tea- Just Peachy $8.98

<<Decor Idea>>

Bamboo 3 nesting trays - $24.99

<<Side Notes>>

Fire HD8 Tablet- on Black Friday it is the cheapest ever!

Jello Shot Syringes to fill donuts or for the bar 🍻

Power Free Blender $13.99

LED light up shoelaces! $7.98

COOLEST Science and Cooking Spherification Kit.

It's for ages 8+ up, I just got one as a gift and it looks incredible. It'a DIY juice caviar project.

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