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10 Course Rosh Hashanah Menu (2016)

Rosh Hashana Dinner Menu!!!!

It's going to be a 10 course meal.

TEN!! amazing, seriously delicious courses, for A healthy sweet new year.

Big thanks to the amazing Chef Sonya for her culinary input.

🍎mini raisin challah served trio of dips.


sweet onion jam: sauté onions, add balsamic and brown sugar and let reduce.

candied eggplant dip: Roast eggplant and pepper with oil, then add tomato sauce, lots of sugar and bake for a little longer.

🍎Lime sea bass with sweet chili relish CHIC made simple, page 192

🍎Mesclun and peach salad with raspberry vinaigrette Subbing the apricots for peaches, and champagne vinegar for raspberry vinegar.

🍎Fried Matzah Ball *warning: I can’t vouch for fluffy matzo balls here, I believe they come out more dense.

🍎Roasted maple bourbon carrots and parsnips - Tzimis…/roasted-maple-bourbon-carrots-pars…/

🍎Vegan sauteed leek and roasted squash galette Based on the above concept, with roasted squash. To save time, I may use puff pastry dough

🍏🍏🍏🍏May we all be blessed with a wonderful, happy, and sweet new Year! Shana Tova Umetuka! 🍏🍏🍏🍏


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