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Shavuot Menu 2017

Italian Flaky Challah {on big cutting board}

Herb Butter

Caprese platter with Balsamic Reduction

Mexican Shakshuka

Rosemary Onion Frittata

Arugula Mint + Watermelon Salad

Quinoa Curry Salad

Quinoa, snap peas, chick peas, slivered almonds, craisins. Olive oil, cumin, curry, white pepper and salt. Delicious

Chilled sweet pea soup with cream

Endive + Orange Endive Boats

Vanilla Bourbon Braided Cheese Pastry

Iced Matcha Tea


-Topped with Oreo Crunch

-chocolate ganache

-caramel drizzle

-praline cheesecake

Flaky CheeseCake Strip

Drinks in dispenser:

Lime and mint Mojito

Cold brew coffee

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